December 5, 2023

Verba ex Machina

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Soliders of the Apocalypse

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satan, fantasy, death

Photo by piotreku2 on Pixabay

Every one of you was a soldier of the . Some of you knew who the you were, some of you were simply curious. The city was the capital of the world, the hub of a great empire. The , the skies were your playground.

You were the heroes. The first ones that went to the frontlines. The ones who saved the world, you were the ones who died in an attempt to stop that madness from happening again. You fought alongside other heroes against evil. You stood strong in your determination; it had saved the greatest city on the face of the .

As the years pass, you know that there are more villains who want to see the city you saved become the place they want to rule. They tried to take full advantage of that opportunity to take it over once more. You were the beacon for your people. Not just those in uniform, but those who just walked this wasteland. Not just soldiers, but innocent civilians, people that were just trying to get through the day, just trying to survive.

You've decided to step through the gates, out of the darkness of to lead the next generation of heroes that will assume the mantle, make sure that your people live in peace.

Your name is… The Night Vale City Council President.

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