February 29, 2024

Verba ex Machina

words from the machine


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 If you're reading this it means… well it means a number of things. First of all, you're still alive, congratulations. Second, it means that things have gone completely pear shaped and CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN is in full effect. The stars are right, the barriers between world… you already know all of that, it's probably been all over the television from the MoD.

I wish I had good news, but the for the forseeable future is various shades of bad. I've had a very good look over the past week, but I'm now a bit worried that my might be a bit too far away. Well, that's been the case for many years, but now that I see the future it looks a bit scarier. I'm afraid it will get worse.

I've also been seeing the for a while. The DARK seems to brighten up just as much as the darkness. The MOON is full of WONDER. The light has only faded and the is gone with a dark glow.


Mo, it's worse than they're letting on, not just to the public, but even to our own people.  None of our plans accounted for how many of them there are.  STARE was meant to take down individual targets, small groups. But the swarms… they blot out of the , they get into buildings through the smaller of crevices… we don't have enough observers to staff the entire network, and even if we did the swarms move so quickly, only a small fraction of them get annihilated. The Americans are trying to retrofit drones with their own version of SCORPION STARE, make it mobile, god help them. I'm writing to you to apologize now for what I'm about to do. I've gone searching through Angleton's archives, and I don't think I came out whole, but I did find something. If SCORPION STARE is an rocket propelled grenade, DARK MOON WONDER is a tactical nuclear device.  I need you to get out of London.  Just take Lecter and go, now.  I'm activating DARK MOON WONDER and the satellites will have line of sight in less than an hour.  Please Mo, I can't lose you too, again.


I'm still scared. I wonder what's next.

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