February 29, 2024

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Gift of Cthulhu

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cthulhu mythos, cthulhu, lovecraft

Photo by Waldkunst on Pixabay

As slips back into the you hear it say, “what I've given you is not a , but a gift. You can use it to solve certain problems. You can do that, or you can do anything else you want. You've got the power.”

“There is only one problem,” said Cthulhu. “If you fail to stop him, you will die in that dark place. You have been so focused on this. You've spent months trying to solve some kind of problem that you have forgotten to do the opposite. This is a problem and it requires patience and courage. The sooner you understand what it is and the longer you can manage it, the sooner we can stop him. There is only one way to stop him,” said Cthulhu, and he smiled as though to say, “and that is by turning yourself over to the power of your imagination.”

As Cthulhu recoils into the , you can hear a shout and a crackling fire beneath the horizon. Cthulhu waves his hand again, and you hear an enormous, hollow of and . You turn your back upon Cthulhu and the light of the night returns to your eyes. The only thing you can see through the darkness of the night is the shadowed shore of the sea. There is silence for a few moments after the wave subsides.

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