December 5, 2023

Verba ex Machina

words from the machine

The Thirty-Eight Little Pigs

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Photo by danielkirsch on Pixabay

And the went to the 38th little who had built his house out of . And the wolf was all, “Okay, what is with this shit?!”

The pig said: “Well it's just strontium.”

And the wolf said: “It is! And the first question is: is this strontium really necessary?”

And the pig asked: “Why not?”

And the wolf was all, “Well, fuck you and your shitty shit.” A little later, when the wolf had eaten the pig, his was full of questions. So he started to drink some more strontium.

In a lot of respects, that pig had been right: the strontium-39 had been necessary. And the wolf drank more strontium. And there were no more questions.

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