February 29, 2024

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NWS Predicts Bizarrely Aggressive Snowstorms, Recommends Locking Car Doors

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DISCLAIMER: This is not an actual from the . This is intended for entertainment purposes only.

The National Weather Service forecast for tomorrow is expected to be less severe than Monday's forecast.

This will likely be the second straight day that the -covered area has been without .

A snowfall of 1 to 2 inches is possible in the mountains from 7 AM to 9 PM.

The National Weather Service has been tracking a high of 5 inches, which is in the 6 to 9 inches range. If it is still raining that is a 5 in the 12 to 14 in range.

If you go down to the airport, expect to have to wait an hour or so to board a flight.

There has been some damage in the area, but it won't be too bad.

The National Weather Service forecast for tomorrow also predicts a snowstorm warning for the mountains.

Stay safe.

Stay in the if you want to be safe. And, please be careful with powerlines.

There is no power to the area, and you have to stay on high ground to avoid power lines.

The National Weather Service has issued the following warnings for today:

Stay inside and keep clear.

If the winds are blowing heavy, it is important to stay inside or take cover.

Do not get out in the snow.

Stay inside if possible, but do not venture up onto the roof. It will be very windy.

If you get stuck near a power line, call for assistance and keep moving until it becomes clear.

Be sure not to climb over the powerline. It will be very difficult to free yourself.

Stay on a snowmobile or a walking snowboard or snowmobile tandem if possible.

Get ready for the weather

The National Weather Service says that there should be some showers overnight.

Be patient and stay off of the road.

Stay away from trees.

If you find yourself in a snowstorm, make sure you are wearing appropriate .

Stay inside for the most part, but it is not recommended to walk in the snow. If you want to get into it, stay inside in the car with the doors locked.

Be careful not to get stuck in a snowstorm.

Stay safe, and stay safe.

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